Artigos em Periódicos - 2008

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Artigos publicados em periódicos


Hepp, L. U. ; Biasi, C. ; Milesi, Silvia Vendruscolo ; Veiga, F. ; Restello, Rozane Maria . Chironomidae (Diptera) larvae associated to Eucalyptus globulus and Eugenia uniflora leaf litter in a Subtropical stream (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil). Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia, v. 20, p. 345-351, 2008.
Medeiros, A. O. ; Kohler, L. M. ; Hamdan, J. S. ; Missagia, M. S. Barbosa, F. A. R. Rosa, C. A. 2008. Diversity and antifungal susceptibility of yeasts from tropical freshwater environments in Southeastern Brazil. Water Research, 42, p. 3921–3929.